RUSH: If Washington Finds A Way To “Pay For This Tax Cut”, Then There Isn’t A Tax Cut


RUSH: Last night there was a town hall meeting on the Fox News Channel and Paul Ryan, your representative, was one of the roundtable guests or one of the town hall guests. You know, when I was interviewing him here, I said, “What’s one take-away? What should people know about?”

“It’s a tax cut, Rush. It’s a tax cut for the American people.” Well, some people have taken the guts of the deal, and they have been measuring various aspects of the tax reform plan with real-life circumstances. And they have found some middle class people — I forget the exact example, but husband and wife make $127,000, three kids in school, da-da-da-da-da, they have found some examples. And Ryan was hit with this last night where these families are gonna have, at the end of it all, a tax increase. They’re gonna be paying more than they’re paying now.

And Ryan’s answer, “Well, you may able to find some of those, but I’m telling you,’ he insisted, “the average American, everybody’s gonna get a tax cut. You may be able to find an odd example here or there where it may not be the case.” So he acknowledged that there might be some outlier cases where people will end up paying more even after getting a rate reduction, and it all has to do with the deductibility of property taxes and state and local taxes and some other things.

But the point of this is that not everybody is going to get a tax cut, or not everybody is going to be paying less. That would be the more accurate way of saying this. And I don’t think there’s any excuse for that. And you know why this is the case? The reason why is because — dadelut dadelut dadelut — we have to find a way to pay for it. I would maintain to you that in terms of real dollars and cents, if Washington finds a way to, quote, unquote, “pay for this tax cut,” then there isn’t a tax cut. If, when this is over, Washington collects the same amount of money from the same number of people, how can there have been a tax cut?


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