RUSH: If Trump Didn’t Want To Be President, What The Hell Was He Colluding With The Russian For?

RUSH: We’ve got the Wolff book out there, and there’s something about the Wolff book that it just hit me today, and I don’t think anybody has put this together. If they have, I haven’t seen it. What is one of the big claims in this Wolff book? And that is that Trump never wanted to be president, right? Never expected to win, did not want to win. Melania Trump was in tears on election night after they won. Okay. Fine. Then why was Trump colluding with the Russians to tilt the election against Hillary? If he didn’t want to win, what the hell was he colluding with anybody for to try to win?

Now, this Wolff book — people don’t know this — this wolf book was supposed to be about the first hundred days, and it was supposed to have been out long before now. And I’m wondering if this Wolff book ended up being a little bit delayed precisely because of that. You cannot put this book out with one of the central themes being that Donald Trump didn’t want to win and didn’t expect to win. You can’t put that book out right smack-dab in all of that stuff last year about Trump colluding.

I mean, think about a year’s worth of stories in the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, with all these deep state people leaking and claiming things, there was never any evidence, but all of these leaks and all the claims in the Mueller investigation, the firing of Comey, all this stuff. If this book had come out and the author goes on TV, let’s say in March or April saying, “Yeah, the guy never wanted to be president. He never expected to win.” If you want to undercut the Russia investigation, that’s what you would do.

Now the Russia investigation’s kind of gone by the wayside. Now they’re looking at Trump colluding, or obstructing, I should say. And they’ve dropped — well, they haven’t dropped it, but in terms of the media and the daily soap opera script, the Trump-collusion-with-Russia angle has kind of been dropped and now they’re looking at obstruction and other kind of things.

But this just undercuts the whole premise of this last year, that Trump did not want to win, really didn’t want to be president. If that’s true, why would he have risked his business and his brand to collude with the Russians to win the election he didn’t want to win? It doesn’t add up. And that could be why Wolff waited to come out with this.

Remember, it was supposed to be about Trump’s first 100 days, but he waited until Trump had completed 200 days in office to turn in the manuscript and all that. You suspect he was really waiting for the collusion narrative to collapse so that he wouldn’t be attacked for undermining it, because he clearly would have undermined the whole thing.

If this book had come out six months ago — think of that — if this book had come out in September, it would have undermined everything they were using at that point to get rid of Trump. That didn’t work. And it may well be this obstruction angle isn’t working because now the entire focus is once again back to Trump being insane and unfit and unstable, which is also not new. It’s something they have routinely used about every Republican president in our lifetimes.


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