RUSH: If There’s A Rumor Campaign Against Hillary, It’s A Successful One, And A Democrat Is Behind It

RUSH: The conventional wisdom is that every Democrat alive wants Mrs. Clinton to get the nomination and to be the next president.  Do the Republicans have the gonads to do something like this?  Do the Republicans have the gonads to start a rumor that Mrs. Clinton is ill?  It’s Drudge’s lead story there with a picture of Hillary looking like she’s in great stress and distress.

The headline is: “Is She Sick?” That’s all it takes, and people start wondering, “What kind of sick?” It’s not specified in any of these stories.  “So it must be bad!” Oh, and people start wondering, “What is it?” and it just begins to feed on itself, and you know how that can end up, all kinds of rumors about what it really is.  If it is a rumor campaign, who is behind this, and what is their objective?  ‘Cause if it’s rumor campaign, it’s a successful one.


RUSH: So it’s not just so-called conservatives or Republicans coming up with this.  This has long been speculated by Drive-By Media types.  So she either she’s sick — which we hope she’s not — or this is a massive rumor campaign that has begun, and if it is a rumor campaign, I just want to go on record. If this indeed is established as a rumor campaign, my prediction is that a Democrat is behind it.  There will be a lot of Republicans trying to take credit for it if it’s a rumor campaign that ends up being successful in terms of damaging her chances to win the presidency.

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