RUSH: If The GOP Controlled Everything They Still Wouldn’t Repeal ObamaCare

RUSH: So I’m watching Boehner, and we had a call, Lee from Queens, who said, “How do you know they’re shell-shocked? Why can’t it be the Republicans just don’t disagree with anything that’s going on?” And there is an element of that. For example, let me pose to you a hypothetical. But as part of the hypothetical, I want you to see if you can recall anything in reality that would help you answer the hypothetical. Okay? If the Republicans had the House as they do, and if the Republicans controlled the Senate, and if the Republicans had a president in the White House, would they repeal Obamacare?

You think so? Okay. You tell me, who?

This is what I don’t see, Mr. Snerdley. I don’t see any unity even on that in the Republican Party. I don’t see anybody in the Republican even talking about it. Ted Cruz, if he were president, maybe. But look what happens when he talks about repealing Obamacare, look what his own party does to him. Forget the Democrats. Look what the consultants did to him, and look what the Republican donors did to him, and then when amnesty comes up, look what Republicans did to him on amnesty.


So it would depend.  So if we had elected Romney would we repeal?  You think so?  Okay.  If Chris Christie somehow doesn’t get the Democrat nomination and gets the Republican nomination, will we repeal Obamacare?  Okay, we won’t, right?  You don’t think Chris Christie would lead an effort to repeal and get rid of Obamacare?  Well, but Chris Christie is going to have all the consultants behind him. He’s gonna have all the big-time mainstream so-called Republican donors behind him.  I can’t even think of any Republican right now.  I’m drawing a blank.  I’m sure they’re out there.  I’m sure that Cruz might, Mike Pence maybe.  Governors, Scott Walker might.  Palin might give it a go again, I don’t know. 

But if you think of it in those terms, there’s no consensus to repeal Obamacare.  And yet we’re sitting here demanding these guys do something on the budget?  It ain’t gonna happen.  I was just watching Boehner at a press conference, and he got a question, I think it was a CNN infobabe, and the question, I’m paraphrasing the question.  “Are you finally going to urge your members to be more cooperative, or are they gonna keep trying to advance the ideas of their supporters?”  Meaning the voters.  Are your members actually gonna be more cooperative?  With who?  Obama, the Democrats?  So are you finally gonna cooperate, Mr. Speaker, or your members gonna continue to follow their supporters, i.e., voters and oppose this?

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