RUSH: If Republicans Lose Senate In 2018 It Will Be ‘Greatest Self-Sabotage Event In History’

RUSH: Folks — if the Republicans lose the Senate in 2018 — that is gonna be one of the most single-handedly sabotaged events in history, self-sabotage. The Democrats are the ones that face challenging reelections in 2018. More Democrats up for reelection are in states that Trump won handily. The Democrats ought… (sigh) If things were normal, the conventional wisdom would be that the Republicans are gonna end up with 60 seats in the Senate following the 2018 midterms, only because of the bleak nature for the Democrats.

If the Democrats are able to convert their current scenario that has them losing another eight seats into reclaiming the Senate, this will be one of the greatest self-sabotage acts that a party has engaged in, if that happens. And if we’ve got 75 members of the Republican Party in the swamp openly telling the New York Times that they’re making contingency plans for there to be no sign of Donald Trump in 2020? Why, people find out about this, and it’s just gonna infuriate them even more.

‘Cause I’ll tell you, the call we got from Josh: “Rush, what would happen if Trump just got 10% positive coverage?” And I think he made a valid observation. If that were to happen — and it won’t because of his observation. If that happened, can you imagine the Republicans that would eagerly switch to supporting Trump if he were getting some positive coverage on substantive economic things that are happening because he’s president?

Like the guy who called and said, “I got a pipeline job. I wouldn’t be calling you with a job if Hillary Clinton had been elected.” You who probably voted for Trump, you know a lot of people. I venture to say that you haven’t found very many of ’em mad at Trump in all this. But the anger at the Republicans now, that’s palpable, and yet they keep compounding it. It just… It’s not a mystery. I understand it completely.


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