RUSH: If Republicans ‘Bite The Bullet’ For 3 Months, Democrats Wouldn’t Stand A Prayer For 25 Years

RUSH: I have to tell you, I have to repeat this. If just at any time in the past six months or any time in the next six, if for just three months Ryan and McConnell would work with Trump to advance his agenda, they would own everything for who knows how long. If they would have repealed and replaced Obamacare, if they would have then moved on to tax cuts and country real tax reform, and if they had built the wall, I don’t care what Chuck and Nancy do, and I don’t care what the Republicans do after that.

If those three things had serious action with an appearance of unity within the Republican Party on those issues, the Democrats wouldn’t stand a prayer for 25 years. That’s what’s so frustrating about this to me. If the Republicans had simply worked with Trump! He won the election on the basis of specific issues. He had a mandate, but it’s not theirs. The establishment mandate is whatever the donors demand — and the big donors run that roost, and that would be the Chamber of Commerce and lobbyists.

And that’s who Republicans and Democrats are gonna answer to. But just think, folks. Just after three months, it was all it took! If they could have just bitten the bullet for three months! Or if they would bite the bullet for three months. Now, that brings us to a point about this debt deal. It’s only for three months and they gotta be renewing it at Christmastime so the Democrats are gonna be bringing up the threat of a government shutdown again in December, at Christmastime and the Republicans gonna have to bite the bullet again, continually losing.

The other theory, though… (interruption) You disagree with the first one? (interruption) Snerdley, this theory might appeal to you. You might think this is… (interruption) You’re not gonna like it, but, I mean, it might appeal to you. The other theory is that privately McConnell and Ryan are not bothered at all about this. That they absolutely love this getting done, no matter it’s a three-month deal or a one-month, they don’t care. They just want… When they’re in the majority, they want the picture that Washington is working.

Just the image out there that things are getting done and if they don’t have to do it, all the better. They’re in the majority and Washington’s working. Oh, hallelujah, Washington’s working! It doesn’t matter what’s getting done, doesn’t matter who does what or who doesn’t. There isn’t any gridlock. Trump and Congress are working together, and things are getting done. And that is orgasmic. What do you think of that theory? (interruption) I think that theory… That’s too dangerously close to true for my comfort.


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