RUSH: If Rachel Jeantel Is The Best The Prosecution Has, It Isn’t Gonna Be Much Of A Case

RUSH: We don’t have the bite right now, folks, but the star witness in the George Zimmerman trial, Rachel Jeantel, said on the stand yesterday that she thought… I think it was yesterday it happened, but it might have been this morning. I’m not sure. But she said that she thought that the “creepy ass cracker” was going to rape Trayvon Martin. That’s what she thought when this happened. She said, “That creepy ass cracker was gonna rape Trayvon Martin.”

She’s really having some problems with the truth on the witness stand. But it’s impossible, folks, to say anymore with juries after the OJ trial and so forth. In normal circumstances, you’d have to say that if this is the best the prosecution has, it really isn’t gonna be much of a case here. But you can’t say that. You can’t say that because all this is taking place in a low-information courtroom.

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