RUSH: If Putin Wanted Anybody To Win This Election It Would’ve Been Hillary Clinton

RUSH: Okay. Starting on the phones in Fargo, North Dakota. This is Matt. It’s great to have you. How are you doing, sir?

CALLER: I’m doing well there, Rush. It’s an honor talking with you.

RUSH: You know, my cousin is in Fargo this week. There’s some judicial conference there, and he was telling me he had to go to St. Louis, to fly to Minneapolis to get to Fargo. So I just wanted you to be aware —

CALLER: Well, he might have a good marshal protecting him. I have a good buddy that’s in a U.S. Marshal agency that is there as well.

RUSH: Well, that wouldn’t surprise me because that is the protection agency for federal judges. So, anyway, my cousin goes to Fargo of all places and our first call today comes from Fargo. It’s karma. Anyway, what’s up, Matt? Why did you call? I’m glad you did.

CALLER: Well, I want to talk about two points on the whole Russia-United States collusion. My first point, and why it doesn’t makes sense, is the issue Donald Trump wanted to build up our military, putting up air defense missile systems in Poland, Ukraine, the issues with North Korea, how he wants us to put more spending into our military. That just doesn’t work well with Russia. The United States and Russia have never gotten along well and Putin doesn’t want a stronger America. So that whole issue of the collusion just doesn’t make sense on that aspect.

And the second point, if I can make, is a political aspect. You look at Russian history and Russian history has been predominantly communist or a collective society. We have gone down that road under President Obama, and Donald Trump is kind of bringing us back into this individual initiative, individualism, getting back to the Constitution. And they don’t want that, either. So this whole point of the collusion just does not make any sense.

RUSH: You know, this is actually an excellent point, and that is when you talk about the collusion, the people alleging it, the one thing that they very rarely detail is why Trump. And when they do detail it, they claim, “Well, of course, Putin would not want Hillary. She’s too experienced. She’s too tough. She’s too wary. She knows. She’s been around. Trump is a buffoon who could be easily manipulated by Putin.”

That’s what they say, when they address it. The fact of the matter is here old Matt is right; Hillary Clinton is seen as a joke. If Putin wanted anybody to win this election, it would have been Hillary Clinton, because with Hillary Putin is closer to where he wants to get than ever. It would be like a continuation of Obama, who was totally deferential to Putin.


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