RUSH: If Obama Can Discredit Cheney And Bush By Letting Iraq Fall, That’s A Big Political Home Run

RUSH: The assertion that I’m making is that if Obama and the Democrats can further cement the notion that Iraq was a total mistake made by Bush and the Republicans, they will do it. If they can discredit Cheney and everybody involved — Rumsfeld, Bush — by letting Iraq fall, that’s a big political home run for them. You have to be honest with yourselves about them, though.

That’s why I said in the first hour, it takes courage to admit the truth about liberalism and liberals, and they are… Let me put it this way. They’re not disappointed at military failure. They’re not disappointed at all. But if this strikes you as a bit harsh, may I remind you of their behavior while we were in Iraq, for the last three years?, Code Pink, you name it.

Obama, John Kerry, John Murtha. Every day they we’re doing everything they could to discredit the war effort in Iraq. All it took was one allegation that Marines, say, in Haditha were raping and terrorizing women and children, and out went Jack Murtha and John Kerry to believe it and condemn these Marines before there had been any investigation. They couldn’t wait!

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