RUSH: If Milo Were A Liberal, He Could Say Whatever And Then Some, And He’d Be Emceeing The Oscars

RUSH: Now, I think CPAC, by inviting Milo, was an attempt to reach out to Millennials. I mean, they know. I know plenty of young people that think Milo is great, love Milo, admire Milo, think he’s courageous doing what he does. I think where the bridge was crossed here, Tammy — and I say this from afar, I think once you even wade into the water on, even if it’s just alleged pedophilia, you’re gonna run out of people to defend you.

CALLER: Right. Like I said, I’m not condoning what he said, and I think he even took responsibility for what he said and the poor choice of words he used for it, but I mean, like I said, there are other examples on the left where this has happened and nothing’s really come of it. Like Lena Dunham or Roman Polanski. And, like, if Milo was, say, a Democrat, I think they would be protecting him, they wouldn’t —

RUSH: Oh! Oh there’s no question about it. This is a great. You’re 23, did you say?


RUSH: Fabulous lesson you’re learning here of the double standard. You hit the nail on the head. If Milo were a liberal, he could say whatever and then some, and he wouldn’t be addressing CPAC, he would be emceeing the Oscars.

CALLER: Right. And I guess, you know, after a while people like me, they get fed up because it’s, first of all, being surrounded by fake news, and now seeing someone who is trying to change the conservative movement and make it more — trying to give it strength almost in a way by going out there and saying what’s on his mind, not being afraid to speak and seeing how the media’s trying to take him down.

RUSH: Well, the conservative movement — let me tell you, Tammy, I go wading into the fire fit, but the conservative movement — jeez. Look at Milo. He’s in his twenties. He’s flamboyantly gay. We’re nowhere near the conservative movement here, Tammy. Ideologically he’s pure. Ideologically he’s brave, he’s right down the line, and I understand why you like him and so forth. But the conservative movement, it’s kind of like — I’m out of time here. Look, I’ll continue to address this, Tammy, but I have to go.


RUSH: There’s an actor that used to be on Star Trek, George Takei, and he brags about his sexual experiences with much older men who taught him how to do it and comforted — That’s essentially what Milo said that had him disbarred, disbanded, what have you.


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