RUSH: “If Liberalism Is A Religion, Abortion Is The Sacrament”

RUSH: Right now Fox is doing a topic, “Having It All Without Having Kids,” and three women are discussing it.  “Having It All Without Having Kids.”  That happens to be the title of the most recent issue, cover story, TIME Magazine.  I’m telling you, folks, the elite feminist movement’s got a problem with birth.  Obviously abortion, they promote.

It is the sacrament.

Abortion is the sacrament.

If liberalism is a religion, abortion is the sacrament, and then this TIME Magazine story and this story from the UK Guardian reporting that “smart women” are the ones not having kids.  Well, of course!  Of course dumb, stupid women are.  What else have they got?  They don’t have the money or whatever to abort, but the smart women know that a kid is just nothing but an albatross!

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