RUSH: If Hillary Loses, Chicago 1968 Is Gonna Look Like Romper Room

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RUSH: Okay, so we’ve got what happened in Charlotte. We have what happened in Tulsa.  Let’s throw Ferguson in there.  It all happens with Obama in the White House, so we move forward and next year, by definition, we’re gonna have somebody that’s not African-American in the White House.

What effect is that gonna have?  Look, this is a really good question, in a whole lot of ways that Josh may not have factored in his question.  For example, if either Hillary or Trump win, how much anger is there going to be that nobody’s even anticipating in the African-American community that the first African-American president is gone? (interruption) Well, you might say that the Constitution tells them he’s gonna go, but still he’s gone.  And what is going to be…?

We have no idea what the landscape is gonna be and the way news coverage, the media, are gonna be dealing with the post-Obama America. We don’t know what Obama’s gonna… Well, we do.  I know.  I know what Obama’s gonna be doing.  He’s gonna be guarding his legacy out there.  But how many African-Americans are going to — even though it’s all constitutional — still feel, I don’t know, cheated or, “Well, there’s that chance, and we blew it” or “there’s that chance and it’s not gonna happen again.”  How many are gonna feel positively about it for whatever reason?  Then you add to the specifics.

So we have to go down the specifics. Okay, Trump wins, and now there is something like Ferguson or something like… (sigh) Look, the first thing to say about that… (chuckles) I don’t know.  This is one of these things I really don’t want to answer ’cause I don’t want to create self-fulfilling predictions.  But let me just tell you this.  Let’s take race out of this for a moment, Josh.  If Hillary Clinton loses this, Chicago ’68 is gonna look like Romper Room on PBS for four-year-olds and under.

The left is not going to accept Hillary losing.  They’re just not. It’s not going to be a peaceful… and I don’t want to say this too much ’cause I don’t want to give people reason not to vote for Trump because of this.


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