RUSH: If Hillary Had Walked Out On Bill It Would Have DESTROYED The Democrat Party

RUSH: If Hillary would have left Bill, that would have ended his presidency, not via impeachment but that would have elevated his total lack of character. It would have been the discussion. It would have been the topic point. She shielded all that. There would have been no vast right-wing conspiracy theme that the media did pick up to blame for all that. There wouldn’t have been any Hillary and Bill foundation. There wouldn’t have been all this fundraising. If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have been picked for Obama’s whatever if she had run and lost, if everything else had happened.

I mean, the things that she preserved… She preserved the Democrat. If she’d walked out had him, that would have been the end of the Democrat Party. Instead, she converted that — that whole scandal — into the Republicans were the enemy. Her husband was a great guy. Imagine! Ken Starr would have convicted the guy! If she’d have walked out, Ken Starr would have had his number one witness. It would have destroyed the Democrat Party. That’s why they owe her. That’s why she knows they owe her. That’s why ’08 ticked her off so much when they went and got Obama instead of her. That’s why she’s still bitter. Don’t doubt me.


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