RUSH: If GOP Caves On Raising Rates On Rich, They Are Admitting That That’s The Problem

RUSH: Well, no, a friend of mine told me her daughter can’t listen to me anymore ’cause I sound too threatening. She’s 24 and it make her nervous. So I’m just trying to tell people, I’m not threatening anybody. Anyway, Obama says, “No, no, nope, nope, nope, gotta have the rates go up.” So what he’s saying is he doesn’t care about the money, Boehner just said I’ll give you $800 billion, I’ll eliminate deductions, loopholes. “Nope. I want those rates up.” It isn’t about the money, folks. Whatever you think, as far as Obama’s concerned, isn’t about the money. If the Republicans cave on raising rates on the rich, then they are admitting that that’s the problem, as far as every other voter outside the 2% in this country is concerned.

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