Rush: If F&F Started With Bush, Why Don’t They Release The Documents And Make Holder A Hero?

RUSH: So as my buddy Andy McCarthy says, let’s put aside for argument’s sake all these various things and let’s just assume that Obama’s administration narrative is true. If that’s what really happened, doesn’t Eric Holder deserve our commendation? Because he brought it to light. It all started in the Bush administration, all this gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels, Bush started that. If that’s the case, if that’s what really happened, what are the chances the administration can’t shovel national defense secrets out fast enough to the New York Times that would withhold a paper trail that covers Holder in glory? The Wall Street Journal has this narrative in it this morning that it started with Bush. And if that’s their story, why don’t they release the documents? Why don’t they make Holder a hero? He’s the one that called attention to it.

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