RUSH: If DREAM Kids Are So Great, Why Aren’t They Great For Their Native Countries?

RUSH: Look, I have a smart-aleck question. That’s what this is, but it’s a good one, and my smart-aleck question is rooted in a reminder. Remember what Obama and the Democrats think about America. They believe that we have stolen much of what we have that has made us a superpower. They believe that we have sent our military all over the world and we have plundered and stolen resources like oil, you name it.

We’ve impoverished the world, and we’re not a legit superpower, and we’re unjust and immoral, and our founding is suspect and so forth.  They believe this, okay?  So here’s Obama at Worcester Tech, and he’s talking about the greatness of these DREAM kids and how we need ’em. “Oh-ho-ho!  Our success depends on these DREAM kids coming to America and being successful, ’cause they’re special kids. They are really special kids!

“That’s why they get in here. They are really, really special. They are the future of America.” Well, if they are so great for the US, why aren’t they great for their native countries?  If they’re great for us, I assume they’d be great for Mexico.  If they’re great for us — if they’re really, really going to determine our future — why wouldn’t they determine the future of Guatemala, El Salvador, et cetera?

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