RUSH: If Christie Only Learned Of Emails Yesterday, Why Couldn’t He Sleep Two Nights Ago?

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RUSH:  Christie denied any involvement whatsoever.  He said he lost sleep. I don’t know if people heard this. 

CALLER:  (laughing)

RUSH:  I’m gonna let you hear it. You want the wrench?  Here’s a wrench.

CALLER:  (laughing)

RUSH:  Here’s a wrench.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  Christie said in his press conference that he has not been able to sleep for two nights, but he only learned of the e-mails yesterday.

CALLER:  Oh, I’m sure.

RUSH:  So why can’t he sleep two nights ago if he only learned about this one day ago?

CALLER:  I love you.  (laughing)  I just love you.  You’re so much fun.  (laughing)

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