RUSH: Icognito’s A ‘Brother’ In The Dolphins Locker Room. The ‘Brothers’ Love Him

RUSH: I promised this, Michael Wilbon, ESPN Pardon the Interruption last night, they’re talking about Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, and there’s been a shift here in opinion as to Incognito being a bad guy, now he’s not so much. Listen to this.

WILBON: It doesn’t ring true, it is true. This goes back to slavery. House N and field N, okay? When they were separated and seemingly the people in the house were closer to who? The white man. This is about relationship. This is about how you are perceived. This is about black-ness, okay, culturally and spiritually, not about the actual color of your skin. There are people always in all black subcultures who are white who are more accepted as being blacker that black people, who may be, as we say, “blue black.”

RUSH: Now, what he’s saying here, let me translate. He’s basically explaining why Incognito’s a brother in the Dolphins locker room. The brothers love him, ’cause of the way he carries himself, and he’s not black. On the other hand, the brothers do not like RGIII. Are you aware of this? The brothers do not like RGIII. He’s too white. He’s Republican. He’s dating a white girl. They don’t like RGIII. And we’ve got the sound bite here, this Rob Parker guy back on December 13th of last year explaining that RGIII, he’s not a black guy. He doesn’t do black stuff. He’s not a brother. And Incognito is. This is what Wilbon’s explaining and how in the world that happens.

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