RUSH: I Wonder If Thad Cochran’s Campaign Slogan Was “Uncle Toms for Thad”

RUSH:  I wonder what the campaign slogan was in Mississippi the past couple days.  Uncle Toms for Thad?  ‘Cause I thought it was the worst thing you could do as an African-American. Voting for a Republican is absolute worst thing you could do, but somehow they were made to believe that voting for old Thad would be fine and dandy.  And why?  Well, ’cause they were told that Thad’s done a lot for black people in Mississippi. 

It must be the first time they’ve been told that.  It was nine percentage points.  Insider Republicans in the Senate bought nine percentage points, eight or nine percentage points from the black Uncle Tom voters in Mississippi.  (interruption)  Well, isn’t what they call Clarence Thomas?  Condoleezza Rice? They call ’em Uncle Toms, the Republicans.  These guys had voted for Thad? Uncle Toms for Thad.

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