RUSH: I Wonder If Obama Will Shed Any Tears Over North Korea

RUSH: I wonder if President Obama will shed any tears over the North Koreans.  I mean, he got all teary-eyed yesterday thinking about the loss of life because of guns in America.  So the North Koreans announced another nuclear test out there.  The Iranians the same thing, by the way.  Afghanistan is falling apart.  Afghanistan’s being propped up — apparently — I watched Ralph Peters today on Fox this morning.  Ralph Peters said that Afghanistan right now is being propped up by Special Forces soldiers, and that’s about the extent to which we have any actual operations on the ground that amount to anything.

RUSH: But back to North Korea for just a second.  I wonder if Obama is gonna go on television and cry about the Norks — this would be the famous Kim Jong Un — successfully testing a hydrogen bomb.  Or does he only cry about gun control when he’s talking about handguns and rifles in America?  Remember, Obama used to say that stopping nuclear proliferation was his highest priority. That’s why he’s cut our nuclear arsenal, I mean, to the bone.  There have been drastic reductions in our nuclear arsenal.  And he did this, he said, to show the way to the Iranians and North Koreans, to show the rest of the world that we don’t pose a threat, essentially acknowledging that the nuclear arms race exists in the world because of the United States, that we pose the great threat because we’re the great Satan because we’re the lone superpower.

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