RUSH: ‘I Was STUNNED’ By Zimmerman ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict

RUSH:  So we were talking about, if a verdict comes on Saturday, what is the impact gonna be versus if a verdict came today or Tuesday.  The verdict came late Saturday night, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.  Late Saturday. I was stunned. I gotta tell you something, folks.  I was surprised.  I really was.  All during the day and evening I had people asking my opinion. People do that all the time.

They ask me what I think about everything, and I told ’em I expected some sort of a guilty verdict.  I mean, it was all there.  You had six female jurors, you had race, you had the president involved, you had a community scared to death of what’ll happen if there’s a not-guilty verdict, emotion-over-common sense evidence, all this kind of thing.  When that verdict came down, I wasn’t even watching TV at the time.  I was notified by virtue of somebody sending me an e-mail or a text, I forget which.

So then I turned on the TV and started reading.  I was stunned, and then I looked at the time.  “It’s almost near midnight here,” and then I started looking at the pictures on TV.  There was nobody there. The crowds at the courthouse were very tiny, and Fox didn’t have anybody there. Poor Harris Faulkner had to anchor the thing for an hour by herself before they were able to roust any of their experts out of bed (or the bars, wherever they were on late Saturday night) and get ’em in there.

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