RUSH: I Want To Live In The ‘Shadows’ Like The 11 Million Illegals

RUSH: There are 11 million, 10 million, 20 million, whatever it is who were here that we can’t find unless we grant them some pathway, unless we do legalization, we can’t identify, they’re in the shadows, they won’t come forward.  What good is the spying program?  What good is all the surveillance?  Isn’t one of the purposes of this to be able to find anybody and then determine what their motives might be?  Isn’t this what we’ve learned in the past week or two?  From the NSA PRISM, from the NSA Verizon story, to Snowden and what he’s revealed?  Not one of us basically has any privacy.  Why do these 10 to 11 million somehow escape scrutiny?  I mean, are they not using the Internet?  Are they not making phone calls? 

How are we tagged?  Is it our phone numbers?  I don’t make phone calls, so how do they follow me on the phone?  They can’t.  I’m not making phone calls.  But they’re following me somehow.  Just like they’re a following everybody else.  What is it about the 10 to 11 million illegals that keeps them in the shadows?  Whatever they’re doing, I want to find out how to do it myself.  I want to live in the shadows like they are.  I would like to be unreachable by my government. I would like to do something, live somewhere, live in such a way that the regime can’t find me, like they can’t find the 10 to 11 million illegals without legalizing them first.  Those 10 to 11 million, they may not know it, but they have more privacy than anybody else in this country.  Because we’re being told that we’ve gotta legalize ’em first to find out who they are.  Only then will they come out of the shadows.  They can’t be found, but you and I can be, (snapping fingers) like that.

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