RUSH: ‘I Understand People Who CRINGE’ At The Idea Of Jay Carney Going To Apple

RUSH: This is Kori, Eagle River, Wisconsin.  Great to have you.  Thank you so much for waiting.  Hi.

CALLER:  Oh, no problem.  Thank you.  I’m really nervous to talk to you, but I gotta tell you, first of all, that it’s an honor to talk to you, and from 11 to two is my favorite time of the day ’cause I get to spend it with you.

RUSH:  Well, thank you.  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I have a question for you.  This weekend I read a short story on Drudge, and it talked about Apple considering moving Jay Carney as their face of PR, and I just wanted to know what you thought about that.

RUSH:  Well, I don’t know if it’s true.  It’s somewhat confusing.  The story first broke, and then a guy — who, once again, happens to be an infallible bible of goings-on at Apple — a blogger by the name of Jim Dalrymple, whose blog is called The Loop.  He said, “Nope, not true.  Tim Cook has never even met Jay Carney.”  So the story went away. 

But then two or three days later it surfaced again that Carney is still talking to Apple or vice-versa, and the latest story I saw says that that means it’s up to Carney to decide, as though the job has been offered.  Now, normally Dalrymple is wired on this stuff.  So I don’t know what the truth of this is.  I don’t know if Jay Carney’s putting the rumor out himself.  I don’t know. I have no idea about it.


RUSH: But I wouldn’t worry about this Jay Carney thing.  PR at Apple has always been an invisible thing. I think they do want to change it a bit. The gal they had at PR was the mirror image of Steve Jobs, and they’re trying to make it a little bit friendlier and all that.

But Carney? I understand people who cringe at that.

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