RUSH: I think It’s Hilarious That Media Matters Thinks The NY Times Has An Anti-Clinton Bias.

RUSH: The Bill Clinton foundation. You know, Media Matters for America — which is not even left wing.  This bunch is just indescribable.  They exist for one reason, and that is to lie, misrepresent, and take out of context what happens in conservative media and then report it that way, and what Media Matters does is they provide the information, say, on this program for mainstream media reporters who don’t listen to it.

So a mainstream media reporter will find out what happened on this program by going to Media Matters, or on any other conservative program, or on Fox News.  Rather than watch or listen, they’ll get it from Media Matters.  Media Matters is livid at the New York Times.  They are just beside themselves over the attack on Hillary.  You know, David Brock is the emeritus president, forever, longtime chairman for life, whatever he calls himself where he lives in their basement down there.


RUSH:  I think it’s hilarious that Media Matters thinks that the New York Times has an anti-Clinton bias.  I mean, how out of touch with reality would you really have to be to think that?  David Brock, in his letter to the New York Times, open letter to the New York Times, they got hold of it at The Politico.  They think they had a scoop.  So The Politico printed the open letter from Brock to the New York Times.

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