RUSH: Hillary Clinton Shoe Dodging Incident Was ‘STAGED’

RUSH: Remember Hillary has braved “snipper” fire.  Don’t forget this, folks.  Hillary Clinton corkscrewed into Bosnia. She had to avoid “snipper” fire, she said, when they were going in there.  Corkscrew means the airplane, in landing, steep angle of descent turning and corkscrewing to avoid attack by terrorists. A shoe is nothing compared to sniper fire. Trust me on this.  I mean, I have not been under sniper fire.  (interruption)  What? 

It’s a guy telling her to get back in the kitchen during the campaign?  (interruption)  Oh, you think that was staged?  Oh, you mean where she said, “Hey, I’m not some Tammy Wynette standing by my man,” or “I’m not just somebody baking cookies in the kitchen,” you think that was set up?  (interruption)  Look, let me tell you, I can totally relate to people who think that he can’t be the Clintons do staged or choreographed. 

But I haven’t seen it.  I’ve got people telling me her reaction wasn’t natural.  But I’m sorry, I’m ill-equipped to comment.  I haven’t seen it.  (interruption)  No.  I haven’t cared enough to go try to find it.  I really haven’t.  Somebody threw a shoe at Hillary. Big whoop.  Maybe it’s because in my subconscious I think it was staged our set up or whatever.

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