RUSH: I Started The Trend Of Being Suspended By ESPN

RUSH: You know, I am such a trend-setter. I am so ahead of the curve on so much, it seems like things happen in the media and I’ve been there, done that, from writing books, to being suspended, to whatever, I am the trailblazer.  And, as you know, pioneers take the arrows.  I have a story here of yet another ESPN employee who’s been suspended.  This one is Dan Le Batard, not to be confused with Don Leotard.  This is Dan Le Batard. He works out of Miami.  He was a writer for the Miami Herald, and like all writers, he figured there’s much more money in broadcast than print.

So he ended up doing some work on ESPN on the network, and then they gave him a radio show.  So he’s got this radio show in Miami on ESPN.  He just got suspended for two days, yesterday and today.  ESPN released a statement: “Dan Le Batard will be off the air for two days, returning Monday.  His recent stunt does not reflect ESPN’s standards and brand. Additionally, we were not made aware of his plans in advance.”

What did he do?  He put up a billboard.  Apparently he bought, I think it was a billboard, might have been two billboards, I’m not sure which, but he put up a billboard making fun of LeBron James for leaving Miami.  And ESPN said, “We can’t have that.  He’s suspended.”  Can’t offend LeBron.  LeBron James is far more important to ESPN than any host.  And the billboard, it’s a white billboard, at the top it says, “You’re welcome, LeBron.”  The next line is in red. It’s a red stripe with white graphics, “Love,” comma, “Miami,” and the pictures of the two NBA championship rings.  And that’s it. 

I do not know what’s offensive about this.  “You’re welcome, LeBron.  Love, Miami.”  I guess the offense is, okay, LeBron, he came here, he got his championships and then he said (raspberry) Miami, and he’s going back to Cleveland.  And so they’re offended in Miami that he would leave. So Le Batard puts up this billboard that supposedly is insulting and mocks LeBron James.  I don’t see how it’s insulting or mocking at all.  “Hey, thanks for nothing, LeBron.”  That’s what the point is.  So what?  LeBron James is not harmed by this.  Anyway, this trend of being suspended by ESPN, I started that.  That’s my point.  I’m the one who makes all these suspensions possible there.

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