RUSH: I Hope People Don’t Try To Emulate Robin Williams

RUSH: So the bottom line is here is it’s reported that he died, which is true, but he actually committed suicide.  I just really hope that this coverage does not spawn copycats, because the coverage is fawning and glorious, and positive.  You have so many people on social media who so desperately want fame.  You know it and I know it. 

People are voluntarily telling everybody every detail about themselves, casting every aspect of their privacy aside just because they want fame. They want to be noticed. They all want to be on TV.  There’s a lot of fame and the media’s doing every story about this is a story of greatness — unparalleled, unequaled, unique greatness. 

I mean, everybody would love to be spoken of the way the media’s speaking of Robin Williams today and last night, and I really hope — ’cause there’s some very fragile people out there — people don’t try to emulate or get this kind of notoriety for themselves by doing the same thing.

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