RUSH: “I Have Succeeded In Stigmatizing” Feminism

RUSH: “Women over 65 (28 percent), Gen X women ages 30-44 (32 percent) and Millennials ages 18-29 (42 percent).”  That’s the age-group of women scared by me, 42% say that they’re feminist.  “It is negative associations people carry regarding feminism that causes Americans to shy away from the label. People are twice as likely to consider calling someone a feminist to be an insult (23 percent) rather than a compliment (12 percent).”

There has been one person — I mean, one — a lot of people here and there, now and then whispering, one person has been shouting from the rooftops warning about this movement.  It is I, El Rushbo, and it might be said that I have succeeded in stigmatizing it.  And this is why, by the way, they’re constantly coming after me, ’cause it’s effective. 

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Feminism May Be Dead: 72 Percent Of Americans Say They’re Not ‘Feminists’


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