RUSH: I Have Never Believed That The GOP’s Only Salvation Is To Get Hispanic Votes

RUSH: So the Republicans got it in their heads — and don’t doubt me. I have been pitched by them, folks.  I’ve been to secret dinners.  I have been asked to take secret meetings with elected officials who try to tell me — not try; they have told me — that it is crucial and the Republican Party cannot survive unless it gets behind comprehensive immigration reform.

They’ve also told me, “If you call it amnesty, which it isn’t, you will kill it, and we can’t afford for this to be killed.  The Republican Party cannot survive without this.”  Okay, you know that; you’ve heard it for years.  And then all of a sudden, all it takes is whatever is happening at the border right now, the influx of illegal kids — and that number is anywhere from 250,000 to 300,000 and climbing — and all of a sudden the whole thing has “fizzled” for the Democrats? 

How can that be, when all that’s happening at the border is what will happen anyway if we pass comprehensive immigration reform?  I’m speaking facetiously because the truth of the matter is I have never believed it, not for a day.  I have never believed that the Republicans’ only salvation, their only hope is to get Hispanic votes.  I reject that, number one.

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