RUSH: ‘I Have Become Problematic On The Same Level Of Power, If Not More So, Than The President’

RUSH: We’re gonna start in Santa Monica, California. This is Nancy. Thank you for calling. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. Well, I was listening every day, and today I just can’t take it anymore. If Obama is complaining that you, Rush, are stopping everything in Washington — or everything happening that he wants to have happen — then Obama is not the most powerful man in the Free World. You are.

RUSH: Well, I see your point. I actually understand what you’re saying. Here’s the president of the United States who finds his agenda blocked — thwarted, stalled — and his stated excuse and reason is me, a radio talk show host.


RUSH:  So I can see where you would think that I have become problematic and perhaps on the same level of power, if not more so, than the president.

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