RUSH: I Don’t Understand The Romney Rerun… He Lost BIG!

RUSH: Okay, Kevin in Fort Myers, Florida, our last caller, if it sounded like I was giving him short shrift, I wasn’t.  There wasn’t much time.  I didn’t have time to ask him questions with in-depth answers, up against it on time. I didn’t want to ask him to hold on for 10 minutes of the break and so forth. So let me tackle here his basic premise. It was that Romney needs to run again, only this time Romney needs to have 19 things that he’s gonna talk about, and a few things that he’s not gonna talk about. 

He’s gonna tell the media he’s not talking about abortion.  It doesn’t matter a hill beans. It has no impact on what’s wrong with this country. It has no impact on fixing what’s wrong with this country. It’s not gonna be a factor the way I govern the country. I’m not talking about it. I’m not gonna talk about Bain Capital. It has nothing to do with anything.  And a couple of other things that he wanted to mention. 

Instead, put out position paper, 10 pages, two pages, five pages, 19 points, A, B, C, and D. Here’s who I am, this is what I believe, this is what I’m gonna do.  Don’t bring up that other stuff.  My immediate reaction that I did not voice in the phone call is this:  I have noticed that there are some people who are trying to revive a Mitt Romney rerun in 2016.  And Romney himself has stated that, “Well, you know, all kinds of things change.  Who knows what 2016 will bring.”  Leaving it open, of course. 

Now, you know, you people do not make this easy.  But I must respond honestly, truthfully, and straightforwardly.  I don’t understand the Romney rerun.  He lost.  He lost quite handily.  And he lost not because of abortion.  He didn’t lose because of contraception.  He didn’t lose because of Bain Capital.  He lost because of Romneycare.  He lost because of a bunch of blue-collar Democrats chose to stay with B. Hussein O., and he lost because four million Republicans who had voted in 2008 decided not to in 2012.  I’ve seen a number of different analyses, that if those four million Republicans had showed up, that Romney would be president.


RUSH: Now, the Democrats nominated Adlai Stevenson twice, and it didn’t work out either time.  I personally enjoy Mitt Romney very much, and I’ve had a couple serious conversations with him, meetings here at the EIB Southern Command, in fact, one of them.  But he lost.  And he lost big, and he lost in a key area:  Republican base voters.

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