RUSH: I Don’t Know What The GOP Stands For Anymore

RUSH:  Let me deal with an e-mail first I got.  I’m glad I got it, again.  “Rush, I’ve noticed something in your show recently.  You’re not talking about the elections, and you’re not talking about the Republicans.  I would think, Rush…” I’m summarizing a whole bunch of e-mails on this.  “I would think that you’d be totally absorbed in the elections.” 

Now, I don’t make conscious decisions to avoid things or to discuss things.  I rely on my instincts.  I really do. Each and every day, I come here and I decide what to talk about based on what I’m most interested in.  ‘Cause I believe that there are certain requirements here that equal the audience expectations being met.  One of those things is passion, and I’m not gonna talk about something if I have to do it perfunctorily.

If I’m not into it, I don’t care about it.  I finally sat down last night and asked, “Okay, why have…?” ‘Cause e-mails are right, I haven’t spent a lot of time in the nuts and bolts of the election.  I basically concluded, I don’t… Can somebody tell me what the Republican Party message is?  I’m getting panicked e-mails about the polling in state after state where it was thought there was gonna be a wave election.

Republicans were gonna win in a big wave, and yet Republicans running against really at risk incumbent Democrats find themselves trailing by a point or two.  Somebody said, “Well, one of the reasons for that, Rush, is that the Democrats have much more money.  The Republicans aren’t spending any money.”  That’s when I said, “Even if they were spending money, what’s the message? 

“Can somebody tell me what the Republican Party stands for when it comes to amnesty?  Does the Republican Party talk about job creation?  Is the Republican Party talking about economic growth?  Are they talking about anything opposite what’s happening here?”  I don’t know what they stand for anymore, other than they’re not Obama, they’re not the Democrats.  I really don’t know.  So I don’t know what to talk about!

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