RUSH: I Didn’t Blame Christie For Cuccinelli’s Loss

SCHNEIDER:  I turn on my radio this morning because I scan all sorts of media. And I turn on Mr. Rush Limbaugh’s program and he is tearing into Governor Christie, blaming him, among other things, for the defeat of the Republican candidate in Virginia of all things.


SCHNEIDER:  Saying that the exit polls show that he would have lost this state, he would lose this state to Hillary Clinton if he runs for president. I mean, really doing a job on your man. That’s just got to bother you.

RUSH:  Do I need to explain that?  The guy didn’t get it quite right.  I did point out that there were exit polls in New Jersey.  I didn’t do them.  I didn’t vote in New Jersey, so I didn’t participate in it, but there were exit polls in New Jersey.  Let me put it this way.  As I mentioned at the close of yesterday’s program, one of the reasons that the Republican establishment is orgasmic over Christie’s win yesterday, a landslide win, one of the reasons is he won Hispanics by what was it, nine points or five points, something. But he won the Hispanic vote.  That is just orgasmic to the Republican establishment.  That’s where they think their future is, is in the Hispanic vote. 

Snerdley, don’t bother looking it up.  It’s five or nine points.  It’s one of the two. Doesn’t matter.  So they’re just ecstatic about that, and I made mention of it, and they’re extrapolating that to mean that Christie could win the Hispanic vote nationwide and that’s why they’re happy.  And, you know, the thing about this is, there were also exit polls of people who voted in New Jersey that were asked in a presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Governor Christie, “Who would you vote for?”  And Hillary won that exit poll by four to six points, I forget, but that was the range. 

And while the GOP establishment is understandably happy that Governor Christie won the Hispanic vote in New Jersey, if it ever came down to a presidential race between Hillary and Governor Christie, who’s gonna win the Hispanic vote?  Hillary is.  And not just in New Jersey, but everywhere.  That’s the problem with this.  We all know this.  Maybe the Republicans could do something to reach out to Hispanics, but amnesty’s not the answer.  I mean, if you’re gonna do that, that’s just going Democrat light.  We’ve talked about the that.  I don’t need to rehash all of that, but that’s why they’re ecstatic.  I didn’t blame Christie for Cuccinelli’s loss.  All I did was say he didn’t go campaign for him.  I just told you the truth.  Cuccinelli asked Christie to come in and campaign for him, and Christie didn’t.  That’s all.  If that sounds like criticism, I’m just telling you what happened.

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