RUSH: I Decided To Get A Cochlear Implant On The Right Side

RUSH: You people on the other side of the glass have gotta help me out. What was said about my absence? I don’t even remember what I said, does anybody know? Does the audience know where I was and what happened? (Interruption) Right. Okay, weeks ago I did. But did the guest hosts specify where I was? (interruption) Okay. All right. Okay. Sorry for the confusion here, folks, but it’s been a week, hasn’t it, since I’ve been here. It has been a week.

Anyway, what I did, and I alluded to this, but of course I’m so famous now I can’t tell anybody in advance what I’m gonna do or there will be a mob where I am going, to either try to sabotage it or to report on it or to misreport on it or what have you. But after exhaustive research, which included even witnessing a live surgery, I decided to get a cochlear implant on the right side.

When I got my original cochlear implant 13 years ago — I still can’t believe it’s been that long — 13 years ago I was told to leave my right ear alone, ’cause what happens in a cochlear implant surgery, well, I was told back then that they take, in essence, the guts of the ear out. So if there were to be a cure, I need my right side untouched so that the cure could be applied to it. I was told the cure might be happening in 10 years. Ten years came and went and I was assured there’s not gonna be a cure for what caused my deafness any time soon.

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