RUSH: I Am Not Allowed To Say The Things I Said About Springsteen And Christie

KELLY:  Rush Limbaugh did not find it so funny.


RUSH ARCHIVE:  Governor Christie loves this guy, 127 different concerts he’s attended, and he’s mocked, he’s made fun of.  He can’t be a real fan ’cause he’s a Republican.  You can only be a real fan and friend to somebody like Springsteen if you’re a Democrat.  And even then, for only as long as they can use you.

RUSH:  Now, that’s what she played, but I had made the other points that I just shared with you.  So now, in the next bite, you will hear that I am not allowed to take the moral high ground like this.  I’m not allowed to say the things I said about Springsteen and Christie.  No.  Megyn Kelly speaking with Keli Goff, whoever that is, from The Daily Beast.  She said, “Rush pointed out that Governor Christie’s a huge Springsteen fan, actually talked about how he cried the first time he talked to Springsteen after Hurricane Sandy.  If he actually felt a connection with Chris Christie or felt moved by the tears that Christie felt upon speaking to him and all the concerts he’d been to, why would he have done this?  Why would he have gone out and lampooned and made fun of and laughed at Governor Christie?  He’s suggesting that there’s a coldness here, and the reason that this is okay to do is because Christie is a Republican.

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‘Low-Rent Character’: Rush Rips Springsteen For Mocking Christie On Jimmy Fallon


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