RUSH: How Many People Are Signing Up For ObamaCare Out Of ‘Abject Fear Of The Authorities Tracking Them Down’?

RUSH: Here’s the thing: What does this deadline mean anyway? It’s meaningless because the mandate’s gone. They’ve delayed the mandate. The individual mandate requiring you to have it, they’ve delayed that ’til after the election. But they promised — Sebelius and the others promised — seven million. So they have to make it look like the country loves this boondoggle.

So even though the individual mandate’s been delayed and you don’t have to sign up… You can claim a “hardship” for any reason, including the website itself. You can claim that that is a hardship, as an excuse for not signing up. So you don’t have to be signed up today when you get right down to it. Just a few people do. It’s not even signed up. They’ve gotta start paying the penalty for not having it if they don’t.

Those are people that file quarterly estimated taxes. However, Cruz is exactly right here. The mandate is gone. Look at how many people have lost hours, been converted to part time so their companies could comply. How many people have lost their jobs because of Obamacare? How many people are signing up because they’re doing it out of abject fear of the authorities tracking them down if they don’t?

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