RUSH: Hospitals, NOT Doctors, Make The Money

RUSH: Our last caller said something fascinating, and I think it’s true of most hospitals; of course, not all. Actually two interesting things here. She said that the doctor in a hip replacement gets 1200 bucks, and that the actual hip replacement mechanism costs eight grand and the hospital charges $32,000 for it. So obviously the hospital would be the primary profiteer in that arrangement.

Now, the hospitals were all-in for Obamacare from the get go. In fact, folks, so were the doctors, at least enough doctors to make it look like that. Remember all those Rose Garden press conferences, all those people in white coats that were standing behind Obama? Now we found out some of them weren’t doctors. They were out of central casting and the Regime had to send some people out to get some white lab coats for ’em.

But nevertheless when this was all brand-new… Think back here. I’m reliving the frustration, ’cause here are these people that are behind this. “Do they not know?” I’m asking myself. “Do they not know they are the targets?  Do these doctors lining up behind Obama in the Rose Garden helping him create a picture of support for whatever Obama is saying about how he’s going to save, rescue, transform, improve health care, know?”

There were the doctors standing right behind him, a bunch of them in white coats.  I remember asking myself, “Do these people not realize that they are the targets?”  Now, again, some of them weren’t doctors. They were just made to look like it.  The Regime phonied some of ’em up.  But there were some doctors that got on board.  I am… (big sigh) I guess it’s “haunted.” 

I’m reliving some of the genuine anger and frustration I felt back then, people not understanding what they were in for here.  It’s like the insurance companies signed on, they were all in, like crony socialism. The doctors made it look like support. There were enough to make it look like they were all-in, and then the hospitals came along, and then AARP. I’m looking all this and saying, “Sellout here. Sellout there.

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