RUSH: ‘Honey Pot’ Natalia Veselnitskaya Is Part Of The ‘Opposition To Trump’

RUSH: I just saw another picture on “Natasha’s” Facebook page, and it’s the day of Trump’s inauguration. The picture is of a military-uniform-wearing Vladimir Putin holding a baby, and the baby’s head is Donald Trump. Chew on that…


RUSH: This is the picture. Go ahead and make the switch. See that fade-in for those of you watching the Dittocam, did you notice that fade? Just a soft fade. It’s on her Facebook page. Now, wait a minute. For those of you watching on the Dittocam — this is an added treat now because no longer am I gonna have to hold things up. We can load things with the switcher and fade them in.

What you’re looking at here is a picture posted on January 21st, this is the day after Trump’s inauguration of the honey pot, “Natasha” Veselnitskaya. It’s a picture showing Vladimir Putin in Russian military uniform holding a baby with Trump’s head Photoshopped onto its body. Now, what this is, lest you think something else, this is a photo and a meme, if you will, that a bunch of leftists began to further the allegation that Putin colluded to secure Trump beating Hillary. And this is how they have chosen to illustrate it.

So what this means is that “Natasha” Veselnitskaya is among those on the left who believe that Putin colluded with Trump to secure the election for Trump and against Hillary. This is her way. I guess you could say, “Well, no, Rush. It doesn’t mean that. She simply put it up because she found it interesting.” No, no, no. When you look at all the other pictures on her Facebook page, they’re pictures of the anti-Trump rally in Chicago, the women’s rally, but this picture that you’re looking at here if you’re on the Dittocam, and you’ll see that on the website if you’re not a Dittocam user here, this is classic of the way the media and the left are attempting to illustrate that Trump didn’t legitimately win.

This is the woman who wanted to meet, did meet with Trump Jr. ostensibly to carry bad news about Hillary from the Russian government. Of course that’s not what she had. She wanted action on some piece of legislation that was important to her. I think the whole thing’s a setup. I think the whole thing was a misdirection play. But this picture makes it look like she is part of the opposition to Trump. Okay, fade it back to the host. I’ve not seen that particular picture, no, but I have seen other illustrations the left uses on Twitter and on Facebook, Instagram, to mock the idea that Trump didn’t legitimately win and that Putin is now pulling strings, is a puppet master, which is what they think.


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