RUSH: Homosexuality Has A Political Agenda Attached To It

RUSH: Oh, I got an e-mail: “What do you mean, a political agenda to homosexuality and there’s no political agenda to heterosexuality?”  I mean exactly what I said.  Homosexuality has a political agenda attached to it.  What is homosexuality?  Same sex, same sex.  There is a political agenda to that.

There is no political agenda to opposite-sex couples having sex.  There’s nothing political about it.  What’s political about same sex?  By the way, I have a question from Moochelle (My Belle).  If Michael Sam, University of Missouri, announced homosexual, is courageous for coming out and joining the NFL, would a bisexual player be half courageous? (interruption) Well, I’m just asking.  It’s what I do here.  I mean, I observe and I react.  Would a bisexual player be half as courageous as a homosexual player coming out?

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