RUSH: Hillary Was Really Close To Not Making It Standing Up All The Way Through The Debate

RUSH: I thought she looked not good last night.  When she started speaking, I looked at Kathryn, I said, “There’s something wrong here.”  And it’s not her eyes.  Her eyes were dancing a little bit, if you know to look for that.  Her voice seemed to be really weak.  She didn’t seem to be projecting well.  She didn’t seem imbued with a lot of confidence.  I caught her glancing down at her podium frequently.  She looked unsure.  She looked pasty.  Somebody at the Fox Business Network claims that some technicians in the control room were monkeying with the color and contrast on Trump’s face to make him look pale and pasty instead of orange.

I know the smile.  The smile was a Nurse Ratched smile.  Everybody saw the smile.  I’m talking about other things.  I actually thought watching this might be the night where she doesn’t make it all the way through.  It wasn’t one thing.  It was a series of things. She didn’t look energetic. She didn’t look loaded for bear.  I didn’t detect it as a strategy to lay back and let Trump own this and step in it and kill himself.  I didn’t look at it as she’s in a prevent defense.  I saw her pasty — I thought wearing white — you ought to see the Drive-Bys talking about that, by the way.

They’re all shocked that she wore white after Labor Day.  Do you know that in proper, proper circles it is taboo to wear white after Labor Day, except for those of us in Florida ’cause every day is after Labor Day and every day’s before Labor Day.  But when you live in the Northeast and you go to the Hamptons and places, the white gets back in the closet after Labor Day, and you don’t wear it.

But then they gave her a pass because she looked so good and so pure in it.  But they were worried that she was violating a fashion tenet.  I actually thought this might be the debate where she doesn’t make it standing up all the way through.  And I think it was close.  I really think it was close last night based on way she looked.


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