RUSH: Hillary Is In A Knock-Down, Drag-Out With Sanders To Own The Left

RUSH: Hillary is blowing this.  If there’s a strategy here to make her look like a centrist, if the strategy is to have Crazy Bernie be crazy wacko leftists so that Hillary can look unlike she’s that and more moderate and more reasonable?

She’s getting into an argument with him over who can be further left.

If that’s the strategy, she herself is blowing this, because she has entered the fray as, “I’m a better liberal than Bernie.  I will go farther left than Bernie will.”  Whenever Bernie scores with some wacko liberal point, Hillary is right in there saying, “I’m the real progressive in this race, and I have done what Bernie says he wants to do, and I’ve been there and I’ve already made it,” blah, blah, blah.  So she’s not taking advantage of here to occupy the center.  She’s in a knock-down, drag-out with the guy to own the left.  Now, this, to me, represents just a golden opportunity for the Republicans.  Whether they will seize that opportunity, that’s a whole ‘nother question.

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