RUSH: Apparently, ladies and gentlemen, you know, this doctor that Hillary has? What is her name?  Bardekas, Bar…? Anyway, she has told everybody she’s diagnosed Hillary as having bacterial… Lisa Bardack is her name. She’s diagnosed Hillary as having bacterial pneumonia.  Now, I must admit, I had never heard of bacterial pneumonia.  This whole diagnosis that this doctor repeated, sounded… I’d never heard of it before.

Now, I’m not a pneumonia expert.  I don’t sit around studying pneumonia, but I’d never heard of bacterial pneumonia. She said it’s “noncontagious, limited, bacterial pneumonia,” when it turns out there’s no such thing.  It turns out there is no such diagnosis as “noncontagious bacterial pneumonia.”  Apparently, Hillary’s doctor made it up — and if that’s made up, then practically everything else in this report could be made up.

This report doesn’t even deal with the one thing that everybody saw, and that’s the seizure! She did a major seizure.  And they report, “Oh, yeah. Eh, she was dehydrated and, yeah, she tripped and fell out of her shoe getting off the curb. She stumbled getting into the van and she’s been weak for a long time. It’s noncontagious bacterial pneumonia.” Well, there is this website called the International Classification of Diseases, and it turns out that this place…

The ICD, the International Classification of Diseases, is the bible for Obamacare medical coding.  This place is what Obamacare uses in coding — c-o-d-i-n-g — coding various medical maladies, diseases, and sicknesses in the process of diagnosis and treatment.  And it don’t exist there.  “According to ICD-9 codes, and the more current ICD-10 coding, there’s no such diagnosis as ‘non contagious bacterial pneumonia.'”

But Hillary’s doctor said yesterday in a letter that she had diagnosed Hillary with “mild, noncontagious bacterial pneumonia.” Since then a lot of doctors have pointed out that there isn’t any such thing.  Now, the Drive-Bys are not finding those doctors.  Other media are finding doctors. They say, “There no such thing. I’ve never heard of it.  ‘Mild, noncontagious bacterial pneumonia’?  There is no… Mild pneumonia?  Noncontagious?”

Isn’t this convenient?

Hillary has the kind of pneumonia that doesn’t affect anybody else and it could be cured in an hour and a half, and after that you can hug a little girl and not have any fear of spreading the disease. Why, it’s a miracle! Hillary has a miracle disease, a miracle strain of pneumonia that doesn’t hurt her or anybody else.  The problem is, nobody’s ever heard of it.  And in this classification website — this coding website that the Obamacare plan uses practically exclusively in coding and tracking diagnoses in medicine, it doesn’t exist.

Apparently Hillary’s doctor just made it up — and, if so, what else in this report is made up? But if that’s made up, it means she doesn’t have pneumonia.  Her doctor’s report makes no sense.  Her doctor’s report raises more questions than it answers, and her doctor doesn’t even address the primary thing everybody saw and the primary thing everybody’s curious about, and that’s the seizure.  She had a seizure! It was patently obvious on this video.


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