RUSH: Hillary Gets $50 Million In Free Advertising But Still Can’t Get Her To #1 On Amazon

RUSH: All right, now back to the sound bites. We are at the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday in New York City. Richard Haass is the moderator. This is all part of Hillary’s book rollout. It’s not going well, by the way. It has been calculated that the amount of media Mrs. Clinton is getting in the mainstream is $50 million. Free.

That’s how much attention, TV, advertising, media coverage she is getting for her book. It’s $50 million. That’s the calculation, and even at that they can’t get that book to number one on Amazon. It isn’t a pleasurable experience to read a Clinton book, and I think of little old me. We’ve got two books in the children’s section of the New York Times. We’ve got two books in the top five, with no media.

I’ve been on Greta Van Susteren. I haven’t done any media. It’s just you all. It’s just me on the program. We haven’t bought any advertisements. I think maybe the publisher has in some trade stuff, but I don’t do book signings. I don’t go on book tours. I don’t do any of that. Never have, by the way. Nothing new about it. There hasn’t been a massive amount of media attention paid to my Rush Revere books, time-travel adventures with great Americans.

There hasn’t been any media attention to speak of outside of what’s happened on this program. So they still can’t get Hillary to number one on Amazon.  She probably open at number one on the New York Times ’cause that’s just a given.  But I don’t even think she can even get to number one on USA Today.  I find it all fascinating. So many things here just pierce the bubble of conventional wisdom.

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