RUSH: Hillary And Obama Are Willing To Sacrifice Charlotte In Order To Turn Out The Black Vote

RUSH: So what really is at work here is that truth is not what matters.  Black Lives Matter is what is going on.  And what’s driving this is the need for outrage in the black community because of the need for black voter turnout.  That is why Obama hasn’t made move one to tamp this down.  This is why Hillary hasn’t made move one to tamp this down.  They need the chaos. “Que bono?” Who benefits?  They need the chaos, they need the rage, they need the anger, they need all of this.

The playing of the race card is to generate black turnout for Democrats.  I know it isn’t gonna happen, folks. I’m just saying if I were one of these people, if I were one of the African-Americans living in these inner city neighborhoods and I had been voting Democrat all these years — seriously — my anger might not be directed a bunch of people I don’t know and cops and this kind of things, because voting Democrat comes with a lot of things.

When you vote Democrat, you’re voting for Santa Claus. You’re voting as a dependent. You’re voting for the Democrat Party to do things for you.  You’re voting for the Democrat Party to stop things happening to you.  And it’s not working.  And, meanwhile, as I say, Trump’s out there literally talking about unity and literally reaching out to elements of the African-American population all over this country, in inner city Democrat churches as well.

And then we learn that George Soros and the usual Democrat suspects are funding all of this.  Oh, that’s another bit of evidence that this is desired.  I mean, if somebody’s gonna give money to see to it that this continues to happen, i.e., donating to Black Lives Matter and whoever, then they must want this, because they must conclude that there’s some benefit to them.  So turning out the black vote is so important to Obama and Hillary and the Democrats, they’re willing to sacrifice another American city to do it.


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