RUSH: High School Homework On DNA Could Use Clinton-Lewinsky

RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, if you missed the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update today on your local EIB affiliate, I want to expand on it.  Let me give you the overview as we presented it in the Morning Update today.  A homework assignment at Romeo High School in Michigan made some parents uncomfortable.  It really bugged them, it unnerved them.  Students, ninth graders, were studying biology, which these days could mean anything.  I mean, you could work Bill Clinton into a biology class for ninth graders, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.  You certainly could.  So it could be anything. 

The homework assignment that unnerved the parents was intended to help these young skulls full of mush understand DNA, which you could use Clinton and Lewinsky for that if you wanted to.  Well, you could.  The DNA chain in sperm is found on a blue dress to confirm that it was Clinton’s. I mean, you could do anything you want here.

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