RUSH: HECK YES! The Clintons Stage Things

RUSH: What the picture was was a picture of Bill and Hillary in their swimsuits dancing on the beach somewhere in the Virgin Islands.  It was a still shot, and they were embraced as though they were — I don’t know — re-creating some typical Hollywood movie scene on the beach, some war movie scene, typical.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s right, From Here to Eternity.  Well, McCurry made sure that that picture was everywhere because he was so outraged by it.  It turns out the whole thing was staged.  There wasn’t even any music.  We learned later that the whole event was staged and timed to come out prior to — they knew the Lewinsky story was gonna break at some point, and they wanted that picture of them dancing on the beach to be able to be used in juxtaposition to the claim that he’d been having an affair with a 19-year-old intern. 

So intelligence guided by experience, do the Clintons stage things?  Heck yes they stage things.  Therefore is it outrageous that somebody would call here and think maybe Hillary staged the shoe throwing?  No.  It isn’t outrageous.  Intelligence guided by experience.  Nobody knows for sure, but it’s not ludicrous to think it might be because the Clintons are well known for doing that.  The caller was speculating.  After years of political staging and planted questions, people are on alert for phonies.  Which is clearly what could be the case here.

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RUSH: Hillary Clinton Shoe Dodging Incident Was ‘STAGED’

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