RUSH: Has Michelle Obama Been Body Snatched By Aliens?

RUSH: Did you hear what Michelle Obama said at a Women’s Empowerment Lunch at the White House on Wednesday?  (interruption)  Well, she did.  She said that women are smarter than men.  She did.  I think not just halfway joking.  You know, she said that.  But she also said — and I quote — “I tease my kids.  I tell them I want them to use Instagram to take a picture of something really important rather than their food… I mean, no one really cares what you had for lunch.”

Yeah, her kids are out there apparently taking pictures of their lunch and posting it on Instagram, and Michelle said to a Women’s Empowerment Lunch, she told the kids, “Nobody cares what you had for lunch.  You don’t need to send pictures of that stuff out.”  Now, wait just a second here.  Has Michelle Obama been body snatched by aliens or something?  I mean, caring about what you had for lunch is all she does.  She is dictating what people have for lunch in the public school system.  I thought we were all supposed to care what kids had for lunch.  In fact, she cared so much that she had to turn the whole school lunch program upside down.

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