RUSH: Harvey Weinstein Should Hire Hillary Clinton To Silence Women… SHE’S AN EXPERT!

RUSH: Now, who do you think would be the person who could be of greatest service in helping casting couch movers and shakers navigate this crisis?

Who out there? ‘Cause if it’s Harvey Weinstein, there’s gotta be a lot of others, and we know it’s already Matt Damon, we know Ben Affleck, and there have to be others quaking in their boots. Who should they call for — (interruption) No. No. They don’t call Bill Clinton. No. No, no, no, no, no. I understand that knee-jerk response and reaction. Hillary Clinton is the expert in navigating these situations and having men accused of this stuff survive.


RUSH: I’m dead serious, my friends. Hillary Clinton is the CEO and chief operating officer of Bimbo Eruptions Inc. Hillary Clinton may have finally found a way to appropriately reconnect with supporters, especially in Hollywood here. What a great service Hillary could provide to the movers and shakers in Hollywood, the Casting Crouch Brigade. She’s an expert in these situations. She’s the most cheated-on woman in America, and every guy that’s ever done it has prosper and had triumphed and has never paid the price.

She is an expert at this! Harvey and his people run around and try to hire crisis PR firms and all that, but don’t skimp. Hillary has a price. It may be expensive, but time has shown that it is worth it! (interruption) What are you laughing at in there, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) Well, all good comedy is comedy ’cause there’s an element of truth in it, right? That’s why you’re laughing. (interruption) “Bill Cosby, 57 women on record. Harvey Weinstein between 28 and 30.”

Hillary Clinton has led the most successful War on Women ever — and, in the process, she saved her husband’s name, his career, his presidency, and the Democrat Party! Tell me how Harvey could do any better. You think Harvey was a bully? You ain’t seen nothing yet ’til you hire Hillary! Just wait now — and she takes the money. We know that too. If you’re talking about silencing women, preserving the viability of a serial sexual predator, Hillary Clinton is the GOAT! She is the Greatest of All Time.

There’s nobody in here league! Don’t call Jeff Epstein. Don’t call Bill Clinton. Don’t call anyone else. Call the woman that showed everybody how it’s done — and, after doing it, you still get heap big praise in the media, and so will she. Hillary Clinton single-handedly could put every crisis PR firm out of business if she would take on Harvey Weinstein as a client and work her magic. Show me one time where it hasn’t worked. You can’t! In terms of silencing women, and destroying their reputations and preserving and preserving the viability of a serial sexual predator, Hillary Clinton is unmatched.

She is the Greatest of All Time. (interruption) What are you frowning at in there, Dawn? She’s a GOAT. The greatest of all time. That’s what the acronym is. Admit it, Hollywood: You need Hillary now more than ever. Make the move. The New York Times is waiting to write the story. NBC would love to, to get this whole Ronan Farrow embarrassment off their Web page and their network.



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