RUSH: Harvey Weinstein Might Have A Future In The Democrat Party

RUSH: Look, Epstein’s plane was called The Lolita Express. It was. And Clinton’s on that plane I can’t tell you how many times. The idea that — it’s just too big a stretch of the imagination. So far, though, none of it has touched Slick Willie and I don’t think it will. The Drive-Bys will do what they can to protect. And even Weinstein. Weinstein could probably lessen some of — nah, I doubt if he could. He’d probably keep tight lips. ‘Cause Weinstein’s enough of a delusional figure to think he’s got a future after this, and it’s quite possible in the Democrat Party he could! I mean, this is the kind of thing — talk to Ted Kennedy about. I mean, this is resume enhancement stuff.


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