RUSH: Everybody’s talking about Donald Sterling being early onset dementia, out of it. Casey Kasem. Somebody needs to seriously examine Harry Reid.

This man has got Kochbrotheritis. I don’t know what else you would call it. Dingy Harry has now suggested a constitutional amendment to limit the Koch brothers’ influence. I mean, he’s over the edge now on this. I mean, they’re trying to use the Koch brothers as the personification of the 1%, the personification. He just said the other day, last week, that they, the Koch brothers are responsible for global warming. Quick, somebody tell the consensus of scientists, because they’re not blaming it on the Koch brothers. They’re blaming it on America at large.

But this obsession that Harry Reid has, it’s bordering on the obsession that CNN had with the missing Malaysian airline flight.  He’s just stuck in this groove and he won’t leave it.  This is a common thing that happens to older people when dementia starts to set in. Dingy Harry said yesterday “that he would bring a constitutional amendment to the floor granting Congress the ability to set strict new limits on campaign contributions, warning he will force multiple votes if necessary to pass the measure.

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